Call logging and escalation details

The Service Dispatch Center collects all the necessary information to help coordinate the response from our national and international service teams.

When contacting the Service Dispatch Center please have the following information to hand:

  • Serial number of the affected system
  • Contact information from a person on-site
  • Priority of the failure
  • Description of the failure (e.g. error codes from the affected system)
  • Location of the system

Contact information for amalphi Service Center:
Hotline(7x24) from Germany:  0800-2625744
Hotline(7x24) international:    +49 2841 36866-66






Escalation contact details:

If for some reason your service request has not been actioned appropriately, please make use of the below escalation path to escalate your call to the Service Dispatch Manager or Managing Director.



Service Hotline amalphi

0800-2625744 (from Germany)
+49 2841 36866-66 (international calls)
Secondary Service Dispatch Manager
Tertiary Manageing Director